Acrylic overlay on natural nails

Acrylic overlay on natural nails is a nail enhancement in which acrylics are applied on top of these nails that are long enough so it is not necessary to extend them with nail tips. An acrylic overlay creates a thin protective coating on the natural nails that make them stronger and help nail polish stay up to two weeks.

Acrylic overlay nails have a more natural look and can be thinner than an acrylic full set because they do not have the additional thickness of nail tips and people who want acrylic overlay opt for a natural look anyway.

One of the problem people who want their natural nails to have a little bit of length is one or two would break and they do not have all ten nails with the same length anymore.


Overlay / Acrylic Powder$35 / $25

Gel Powder (Clear, Pink)$40 / $30

Color Powder$55 / $45

Acrylic Powder with Gel Polish$55 / $45

Gel Powder with Gel Polish$60 / $50

White Tip with Clear Gel Powder$45 / $35

Dipping Powder$45 Up / NA

Dipping Powder with Tip$55 Up / NA

Pink and White Powder$55 / $45

Full Set Toe Nails$35 / $25

Dipping Powder Nail Ombré (short)$65 / NA

Acrylic Nail Ombré$75 Up / $60

Back Fill One Color$50 (Fill-Ins)

Nail Service$85 Up / $95 Up

French Manicure Extra$5

Cuticle Trim$5

Long Tip, Extra Long Tip$5 Up

Coffin, Almond, Stiletto$5 Up

Acrylics are a great nail enhancement product to strengthen natural nails.

So by doing overlays on nails using acrylics will minimize the chance one or two break off or crack and keep the uniform look longer.

Another advantage of having overlay on nails with acrylics is the polish will stay on the nails up to two weeks.

Some people like to wear their natural nails a little longer than the tips of the fingers. The problem is when the natural nails get long, they tend to break, split or peel.

When applied, acrylic overlay on natural nails will help these people enjoy their long natural nails without having to worry about them breaking so easily.

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