All of these designs can be applied to all nail shapes

Do not cut your cuticles – People often think that the cuticles will keep growing such that the nails get an unsightly appearance. They then cut the cuticles. This could be painful and is also unhealthy. All the effects surrounding the cutting of cuticles are negative. Do not allow this nails attendant to cut your cuticles. Cutting could leave an infection as the space is left exposed and bacteria can enter or anything else. One can also get ridges and white spots as well as white lines which are irritating nail problems.

Use an Orange Stick – Using a wooden orange stick will help you push back your cuticles such that they will not hurt. This is a good alternative to cutting the cuticles as the space is not left bare and infections can be prevented. People often cut them thinking that they will keep growing which is not true. They only grow to a certain length but do not go pas your finger ends. Cutting them also makes the hard instead of being soft which causes irritation and uncomfortability.

Moisturize – Moisturizing helps to keep the cuticles soft. You may have realized that even as the rest of your skin around your nails is soft, the cuticles may not be as sift. To deal with this during or even after this nails experience, you can make it a habit to moisturize regularly.

Square, round, almond – there are so many nail shapes and most people don’t even know it. If you’ve never tried a different nail shape or have never even give your shape a thought, let this year be about experimentation. At your next salon visit, ask for something different like a round shape to elongate your fingers, or experiment at home and perhaps try something trendy like almond.

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