Best Nail Shapes for your nail art at the end of 2022


The Look: An oval shape that comes to a soft point.

The Length: This shape looks best on medium-length nails. It helps elongate your fingers, making them look slimmer.

The Shade: the main difference between an almond and stiletto shape is that the almond “is going to have three different angles” made up of the two sides and point. A neutral color could add pop to this shape’s dimensions. A two-tone french tip to the minimalist look, below.


The Look: It looks exactly like it sounds, with straight and sharp edges, squared off at the tip.

The Length: This suits a shorter nail to minimize tapering.

The Shade: dark colors aren’t meant for short nails. “we, coming into the business, heard, ‘No dark colors for short nails because it makes them look shorter,'”. “But we have clients who will only do dark colors with short nails.” Above all, season can dictate shade more than length.


The Look: A round shape nail, with corners that curve inward. “his is such a classic shape and looks great on all nail lengths.

One thing to keep in mind if you decide to move forward with this shape: “It’s extra important to keep your nails strong if they are oval because they are more likely to break at the tips,”. This is because the nail plate is usually filed into a more slender shape with less support on the sides.

The Length: Though oval looks great on all lengths, it’s favored amongst those with medium-length nails and narrow nail beds. Clients with shorter nails might go oval if they’re growing their mani out.

The Shade: Nail art looks especially beautiful on oval nails, and suggests a minimalist look like negative space or a french manicure. Thinking of doing all-over color?.


The Look: Straight sides that round up with a flat-edged tip.

The Length: Short. Like oval or almond, is easier to get used to than a more extreme stiletto shape. Rounder nail beds look better with a round or soft square shape.

The Shade: A simple shape such as oval or round leaves room for more stylistic nail art or bright color—like the tortoise shell inspired nails below.


The Look: An angular take on the square shape, with a straight-edged tip tapered in.

The Length: This shape looks best with longer nails. It’s “a fun shape if you’re sporting gel extensions.”

The Shade: A long, black nail can look harsh. Either offset the hard lines of a coffin nail by choosing a lighter color (to add balance) or break up darker shades along the nail surface with negative space.

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