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Fall is here, and you know what that means – matte nails are making their comeback! When it comes to autumn mani’s things tend to get pretty predictable. Pastels make way for deep plums, hot pink morphed into merlot and sky blues become an inky navy. Sound familiar? And honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that (always here for a berry shade). Even though the same edit of shades seem to get wheeled out every autumn, they’re a classic for a reason

MTV Nails salon in Corpus Christi, TX 78411

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If you prefer to stick to timeless shades rather than following fads like awkward gawky green, there is another way around things. Nail art lovers will be glad to know that the trend is still around for the coming season. It’s all about matte finish right now. The glossy painted nails are so last year. I think this fall will bring the need for change, and this may be expressed in the switch from a super-shiny manicure to a matte effect.

MTV Nails in Corpus Christi TX | Nail salon Corpus Christi 78411
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