Both a gel base and a gel top coat are essential for a gel manicure

Once your cuticles have been dealt with the next step is to buff your nails using a medium grit nail file. Buffing helps your gel or gel polish to bond to your nail plate allowing them to last longer. Buffing your nails help to:

Make the surface of your nails more rough – allowing the gel to grip onto the nails better. You see if the nail plate is too smooth the gel won’t have a good surface to hold onto.

Remove any dead cuticle skin on your nails – any cuticle skin on your nails can prevent the gel from bonding directly with the nail plate.

Take off the sheen from the natural nails – the natural sheen that your nail has makes it hard for the gel to adhere to which is why it needs to be removed.

Nail primers and dehydrators are optional but if you want your gel manicures to be extremely durable and long-lasting, We highly recommend using them. They are different types of nail primers, some work by making microscopic holes on your nails allowing the gel to grip onto your nails. Whilst some work by acting as an adhesive bonding the gel to the nails.

Now if you are gonna use them, you need to apply the nail dehydrator first and then a coat of the nail primer.

Both a gel base and a gel top coat are essential for a gel manicure. You see gel polishes and gel extensions were designed to work with both a gel base coat and a gel top coat.

Gel Base Coats work by making the gel polish adhere better to your nail plate. They do this by bonding firmly to your nails and then forming a sticky layer for your gel to hold onto.

Gel Top Coats work by forming a hard protective glossy layer over your gel manicure protecting it from getting damaged easily.

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