Coffin Nail Art design with butterfly pattern

You’ve endured so much during your past weekdays and now the weekend is in full swing. One of the best ways to get the most out of your weekend is spending time at a high-quality day spa.

Let’s reclaim your weekend for fun instead of chores! Although it sounds costoso and time-consuming when visiting any good spa, the results you can get after your visit are definitely worth your drive and expense. Check below for some reasons why you should go to a professional beauty salon, especially on the weekend.

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Who Should Choose Coffin Shaped Nails?
Everyone can go for this trendy nail shape. Especially, if you are the girl who cannot grow out her nails and wants really long, cool nails, our team would suggest you coffin nails as the way to go.

They can be any length, but most people prefer longer nails as that is the trend, but don’t hesitate to get them a little shorter as this is still very stylish. What else? Coffin shaped nails are perfect for the active woman who wants long nails, as they are stronger and hold up better than stiletto shaped nails which tend to break easily.

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Thinking of changing up your nail shape but don’t know which direction to go? Let’s try out this popular shape: stiletto nails!
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