It is lucky when you found our salon. These nail design idea is good for you!

Welcome to ARC Nails | The best nail in Tulsa: A French tip manicure polishes nails in two colors, one for the bed of the nail and another for the tip. Traditionally, French tip manicures create a polished and professional look that replicates the natural nail in pink and white, but modern variations may use other colors.

If you get a regular French manicure it should last 7–10 days depending on how much use you have on your nails. A gel French manicure should last 14 days or longer.

These nails have it all – shade, shape, and delicate design. They are great for all the girls that like neutral, yet bold nails that help their outfits look better.
This design will provide your nails with a bunch of positive comments. Call us today!

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