Eyebrow Transformations

1. What to Expect During an Eyebrow Tinting Appointment

First, you can expect to be asked a series of questions making sure you are a good candidate for the service. Whenever you receive any service, there should be questions asked to ensure your safety and to tailor the service to better serve you.

The tinting process only takes about 15 minutes. To start, your provider will prep and clean the brow area and mix a custom shade specifically for you. We try our best to give the most natural enhancement possible as far as color-matching. We have clients that are natural redheads and we sometimes mix three different colors to achieve a spot-on match.

The dye is applied and left on for several minutes, but the exact time will depend on the result desired: Longer for more intense, darker brows and shorter for a lighter effect.

2. How Soon Will You See Results?

You’ll want to avoid getting your brows wet for 12 hours after getting the treatment done and to clean around the area with gel or cream-based cleansers. Your brows will stand out and look fuller right away. You can cut back on the multiple brow products in your beauty routine.

The tint lasts anywhere from three to six weeks. To maintain color, we suggest coming in every four to six weeks for touch-ups. To avoid exfoliating or use of any oil-based products in that area as it will cause the tint to fade faster. Avoiding any products that might further irritate the thin eyebrow skin, such as retinoids and retinols.

To apply a thin layer of Vaseline or Aquaphor to the surrounding skin as a form of protective barrier between the dye and your skin. Sacks likes to recommend using something like castor or almond oil to create the same protective barrier on the brow and to help the tint from fading too fast.

Eyebrow Tinting 29210 – Nail salon 29210 : The perfect brow is one tailored to your face and unique bone structure!

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