Eyelash Extensions Styles: A Complete Guide | Violette lashes

It’s hard to imagine the beauty world before lash extensions existed. Thanks to them, we can roll out of bed and into the office looking wide-eyed and awake (even if we went a little too hard at happy hour the night before). They’ve democratized the full-lash club and given those of us not naturally blessed with sky-high lashes a chance to experience their joys, fluttering our eyes with the best of them. But anyone who’s had a bad lash extension experience can attest to the fact that it’s not a one-size-fits-all type of business. A good lash technician will look carefully at your unique eye shape and tailor your extensions around that, instead of choosing the same lash curl and length for all of their clients.

“Every client has unique eye characteristics that are best suited to certain types of styling, curl-types, and lash lengths,” says celebrity lash expert Courtney Buhler.

“Although there are many different styling options to choose from, the shape commonly requested is the cat-eye, which gives the look of an almond eye shaping,” adds lash expert Clementina Richardson. “Another popular style is natural shaping otherwise known as the ‘open eye look’, which gives the client a rounder eye appearance.”

Both experts agree that when it comes to lash styling, a consultation and understanding of the client’s lifestyle is key. “Everyone’s perception of beauty and ‘natural’ are different. For example, for round eyes, a cat-eye effect is used. However, there are some clients who like to keep their eyes rounded so changing the shape would not be necessary,” says Richardson. “When styled correctly, the eye shape can be changed but depends on how skilled the artist is.”


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