Fabulous nails with Nail salon in Connecticut Ave Nw Washington DC

There are many nail ideas for the season so don’t miss this chance to take your manicure game one notch up. Self-care like a mani or pedi routine helps us to better cope with daily stressors. And the best way to practice self-care is by scheduling your appointment with Capital Waxing Salon – Nail salon on 18th St NW Washington DC and Connecticut Ave NW

Capital Waxing Salon – Nail salon on 18th St NW Washington DC and Connecticut Ave NW : Life is too short to have boring nails!

Capital Waxing Salon
Address : 1050 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite CL 05, Washington, DC 20036, United States
Website : https://capitalwaxingsalon.com/
Phone : (202) 463-8888


Created from the need to bring a sense of self-care to the manicure and pedicure experience, Capital Waxing Salon is a relaxing oasis in the heart of Washington, providing high-end nail services to nurture body, mind and soul. We offer relaxing mani-pedis, luxurious facials, the latest nail trends, gracious service, and the cleanest products possible in a design-forward environment. Treat your mind and body to a day of relaxation with one of our high-quality nail salon and day spa services.

At Capital Waxing Salon – Nail salon on 18th St NW Washington DC and Connecticut Ave NW, your health, safety and satisfaction come first. We offer the highest levels of professionalism and sanitation for all clients while keeping our prices reasonable. We know everything on how to do manicures and pedicures. Check it out!


Let us pamper you with our fabulous manicure services. We specialize in beautifying hands and fingernails the natural way, and more importantly, making them healthy. The products we use are non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free, and our range of boutique manicures are designed to provide our clients with the ultimate salon experience.

Spend a little “me time” with one of our qualified nail technicians and enjoy a little conversation or a little quiet as you’re pampered with your choice of all the latest techniques and color trends. We are big advocates for clean beauty practices, and we are passionate about disrupting the industry standard and challenging the norm when it comes to hand care.


We are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our products, kits, and processes to make Capital Waxing Salon – Nail salon on 18th St NW Washington DC and Connecticut Ave NW , the salon of choice.

Our pedi tools and implements such as files, buffers, pumices, and gloves are DISPOSABLE only. There is no room for the reuse of single-use items in our spa. When it comes to the successful delivery of any pedicure treatment we offer, hygiene is absolutely paramount. We clean and sanitize everything after each client. We also take great care to minimize the use of unnecessary chemicals in our daily practice.




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