Gel Nails, Gel Hybrid Nails, and Acrylic Nails


Gel nails are not extensions – they are formed by brushing three coats of gel onto the natural nail. A base coat is first applied, followed by a polish colour and then a protective top coat. After being applied, each coat is cured under a UV light for a few minutes.

Pros of Gel Manicure:

– The possibility of obtaining beautiful and long nails even for people who are not able to grow them on their own.

– A wide selection of decorations and nail colors.

– They give a shiny, fresh look.

– Long-lasting and strong nails.

– They are more flexible than acrylic nails and therefore less likely to chip off.

– Drying time is much quicker than a regular manicure.

– There are no unpleasant fumes during application.

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Acrylic nails are extensions of natural nails. Applying them involves filing the natural nail bed down, and then adding a mix of acrylic powder and liquid. This creates an acrylic which is used to mould the artificial nail. After this, nail polish can be applied to the smooth surface.

As nails grow out, you’ll still need to fill in acrylic nails every few weeks. Because of this regular maintenance (which is about the same for any nail), the slight increase in durability probably isn’t enough to be significant. Upkeep will continue regularly, no matter what nail style you pick.

Acrylic nails are very hard, which means that they have a rigid, inflexible appearance that natural nails do not. As a general rule, they are the most difficult to pass off as authentic. If you want a more believable appearance standing up to scrutiny, dipping nails or gels are the better bet.

Pros of Acrylic Manicure:

– Acrylic nails are more durable than gel or dip.

– They last longer.

– They are more affordable – both at the initial application and because they need replacing less frequently.


Hybrid nails are a hit of the last few years, which will definitely remain fashionable for a long time. Hybrid nail polish combines the benefits of gel products and traditional nail polish, which is why it is so popular lately.

The procedure is performed almost the same as a regular classic manicure. The difference is that in nail salons near me special gel varnishes are used, which must be fixed in the lamp. Despite this, the final effect is so natural that it is difficult to distinguish which nails were painted with ordinary varnish and which hybrid.

There are many types of hybrid nail art. The biggest trends include the mermaid effect, baby boomer ombre, chameleon effect and cat’s eye. Hybrid French manicure is extremely popular.

Pros of Hybrid Manicure:

– When it comes to different types of manicure, the hybrid option seems to be a reasonable one in terms of long-term damage to your nails.

– It won’t cause as much damage as gel or acrylic manicure. Hybrid manicure places itself somewhat in the middle, so if you want a more durable and stronger nail polish, hybrid is the way to go.

– With hybrid manicure, you can expect it to last around a month before it has to be reapplied, and this is mostly due to your natural nails growing and not because there is something wrong with the nail polish. Quality traditional nail polish has to be applied once a week, so a hybrid is far more durable.

– With a hybrid nail polish, you can choose endless colour options for yourself. There are already thousands of them with more on the way. There are also plenty of accessories and techniques enabling you to create all kinds of effects like ombre, glitter, mirror, and countless patterns (geometric, stripes, dots, etc.).

– When it comes to pricing, hybrid manicure is more or less in the same price range as gel manicure. It is still, however, a lot more expensive than painting your nails with traditional nail polish at a top-ranked nail salon or when you do any manicure at home.




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