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Both Dip Powder and Gel Nails are not inherently damaging to the health of your nails. But instead, your nails are more likely to be damaged when your manicure is improperly removed or applied.

Now Dip Powder Nails are harder to take off when compared to gel polish. And because of this, they are more likely to be damaging to your natural nails

You see Dip Powder manicures usually require a lot of filing and the use of more acetone which means that your natural nails are more at risk of being damaged.

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It’s important to note that your nails are rarely damaged by the manicure system but instead from:

– Using strong chemicals like acid-based nail primers.
– Over filing your nails before application.
– Not correctly removing the manicure which can seriously damage the nail plate.

Once applied correctly both Gel Polish and Dip Powder can look amazing.

But I think a gel polish manicure tends to look better than a dip powder manicure. This is because:

– There are a wider variety of colors, shades, and types of gel polishes to choose from – which allows you to be more creative.
– Gel Polish only cures when exposed to UV light – this allows you to take your time and be more creative to make and design amazing nail art.
– Gel Polish has a natural glossy look – whilst Dip Powder needs a top coat to give it a sheen.

If you are a nail novice Gel Polish tends to be easier to apply when compared to Dip Powder.

You see Gel Polish is applied just like regular nail polish except it’s cured using a UV Led lamp.

And because gel polish cures only when you are ready means that you can take your time and apply it. This also means that if you make a mistake you can easily wipe off the gel polish with rubbing alcohol and start over.

Now Dip Powder on the other hand uses a completely different system when compared to other conventional manicures.


Get soft, well-groomed hands with MD Nails Spa Las Vegas

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