Home of the free because of the brave. Wish you a very happy Independence Day!

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The 4th of July is just around the corner and you need to start preparing yourselves for all of the fun activities heading your way. Spending time outside, parades, barbeques, fireworks. Doesn’t that remind you of a perfect 4th of July? 

Advice for you to make the most of Fourth of July with your family and friends:

First things first: No patriotic scene is complete without Old Glory. Whether you want to install a front-entry flagpole or place an in-ground flagpole in your yard, make sure you follow the Flag Code, which states the proper guidelines for displaying the American flag.

  • Tips: You and your children also can wear American flag inspired nail art designs
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Cool Down: It’s the middle of summer! And doesn’t it always seem like the 4th of July is the hottest day of the year? Well, be prepared. Sunglasses, sunscreen, fans with squirt bottles, hats, and water bottles can help keep the kids (and adults!) cool.

  • Tips: A healthy, fresh pedicure at a high-quality salon is all you need to enjoy summer holidays!
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Prep for firework displays: We want all fireworks and no waterworks! But let’s face it, fireworks can be a little scary, especially when you don’t understand how they work. You can talk about what to expect ahead of time and during the show families can talk about all the different colors they see. Sitting on a family member’s lap during the show can definitely be an added comfort.

  • Tips: Another occasion to gather with your family is coming over to a professional nail salon near you and go for those relaxing spa treatments!

When you all go to festivals you should try to dress the kids in similar, bright colors so you can spot them in case you are separated.

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Summer cookouts are best kept fuss-free, and the one for this holiday celebration is no different. A classic picnic table is the perfect outdoor dining spot for hosting friends and family. It takes only one weekend to build your own out of rough-sawn cedar, but it will last for years.

What would the Fourth of July be without a fireworks display? Viewing a professional display is a fun community event and the safest way to enjoy the spectacle. But if some types of consumer fireworks are legal in your state, you may choose to set off your own. If that’s the case, it’s critical that you protect yourself and your family by knowing how to prevent a fire or an emergency-room visit.

  • Tips: Do not forget to get your nails done even more brightly than the fireworks!
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It is a good idea to prepare your home by cleaning it up and taking actions to ensure that your 4th of July celebration is safe for all involved. Cleaning up your home will not only get it ready for company, but also give you an opportunity to make a good impression on your friends and family with a clean home. 

Nail salon 73003 | LD Amour Nails and Spa | Edmond, OK 73003

The 4th of July is a great holiday for gathering with friends and family and it is one of the most popular holidays to host cookouts. With the summer season in full swing, we are already just days away from everyone’s favorite summer holiday, the 4th of July. Embracing the summer vibes with a seasonal nail art is not bad, right?

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