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Gel nails are not extensions – they are formed by brushing three coats of gel onto the natural nail. A base coat is first applied, followed by a polish color and then a protective top coat. After being applied, each coat is cured under a UV light for a few minutes.

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Pros of Gel Manicure:
The possibility of obtaining beautiful and long nails even for people who are not able to grow them on their own.
A wide selection of decorations and nail colors.
They give a shiny, fresh look.
Long-lasting and strong nails.
They are more flexible than acrylic nails and therefore less likely to chip off.
Drying time is much quicker than a regular manicure.
There are no unpleasant fumes during application.

Gelish lasts longer
Gelish is a pure, thin UV gel that is pigmented in various degrees to give colour. The formula, which applies like a classic polish, but lasts much longer, is slightly thicker than shellac; expect it to last up to three weeks while protecting your natural nail (bonus). Gelish can often work better for those with weaker nails because of its impenetrable polish.