It’s awesome that nail artists can paint Fall colors beautifully onto your nails

We have so many fun ways to express our love for Autumn. Let’s do something to reflect this season! Some people go crazy on their Fall wardrobe, and some do Fall-themed photoshoots.

When you think of Fall, what is the first thing coming to your mind? Is it the weather getting cooler, the leaves changing colors, or going to Starbucks and finally being able to order a pumpkin spice latte again? For most people (me as well), the Fall leaves are the first to notice, since looking at them changing colors then falling to the ground makes everyone feel calm yet sophisticated. It’s thankful that beauty experts have captured this romantic vibe and transferred them into the nail polish bottles. Moreover, it’s awesome that nail artists can paint these colors beautifully onto your nails. Autumn is the best time to emphasize the feminine side of every woman. Think about those soft and muted colors which are caught on in this chilly season: brown, golden, plum, mustard yellow, orange, red, deep green, chocolate, warm olive, burgundy, and so on. A thing you should do to add these seasonal colors to your daily life is visiting our professional nail salon in San Mateo 94403 CA and letting the licensed manicurist transform your nails into a stunning piece of art. 

If you prefer to stick to timeless shades rather than following fads like awkward gawky green, there is another way around things. Nail art lovers will be glad to know that the trend is still around for the coming season. It’s all about matte finish right now. The glossy painted nails are so last year. I think this fall will bring the need for change, and this may be expressed in the switch from a super-shiny manicure to a matte effect.

Instead of moving away from your favored nail shades, why not mix up the texture? Matte shades aren’t just for autumn, but they do work particularly well for the season which is why they re-emerge as a mega trend amongst all our favorite nail influencers around this time. This fall season, it’s all about matte polish, negative space, and geometric shapes. Think: velvet miniskirts, buttery suede ankle boots and brushed cotton shirts. The same theory applies to nails.


With talented nail artists and celebrity-frequented nail salons CA 94403 sharing inspirational designs on Instagram every single day and beloved polish brands constantly cranking out stunning new colors, there’s no shortage of manicure ideas to add to your to-do list for fall nails — including ones you’ll feel confident doing yourself.

Lines and Dots Nail Design

Lines and dots are the easiest DIY nails art to create as long as you have the right tools. Essentials are toothpicks to create dots, makeup sponges for marbling, and a thin eyeliner brush or paintbrush to create stripes.

Sweater Inspired Nails

If you have a toothpick, you can have sweater nails, an adorable and undeniably cozy-looking manicure. No brush is needed other than the one that comes with your chosen base color’s bottle because you can create that cable-knit look with just a tiny wooden tip. Simply paint on a few rows of uniform squiggles — we recommend doing it in a color that really stands out from a dark foundation shade — and you’re all set.

Plaid Tips

If you lived through the ’90s, you know that virtually every September or October issue of any teen or fashion magazine heavily featured plaid as a classic fall pattern. It is still timeless, but if you’re looking for a fresh way to wear it, consider a French manicure with plaid tips. Make your nails more autumnal by choosing a warm shade of brown. Although the clear base may make it seem simple, the intricate details within the plaid itself make this design one you’ll want to take to a pro.

Your fall nails are about to be your most creative and chic sets of the year!

No matter whether you are a professional or a beginner, make your own nails or prefer to go to the ‘nail salon near me’, there is something for every taste and level of experience. Your friends and family will absolutely love your stunning seasonal manicure!