It’s simple; skilled nail artists

What do you do with lifted acrylic nails?

If the gaps between your nails and acrylics are not so large that your clothes or hair do not get caught in them, do not do anything as you will make these gaps larger and they will snag and make the lifting worse.

If these gaps are large enough to snag, you should have them fix as soon as possible. The nail technician will remove the lifted parts and fill them with new acrylics.

If one or more of your acrylic nails lift so badly and you could not come in to your nail salon to have them fixed or filled, you should wrap a bandage around these nails to prevent them from snagging and break off.

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Can you still get a fill if your acrylic nails lift?

Yes. You can still get a fill even if your acrylic nails lift.

It is normal for the acrylics to lift a little after two weeks which is the time you should have a fill-in.

– If the lifted parts are small, the nail technician will remove them and do a normal fill-in.

– If the lifted parts are as big as a quarter of your nail bed or larger, the acrylics should be removed and the nail technician should apply new acrylics on the whole nail.

How to care for acrylic nails

The right care and maintenance are vital for keeping your acrylics looking their absolute best until your next top-up at the salon. When it comes to how to care for acrylic nails, alongside the tips above, you should also ensure you’re engaged in a regular handcare routine to keep your hands and nails healthy.

The key with hand and nail care is to avoid your skin drying out, as this not only leaves you with unsightly hands but can lead to damage and lifting of your acrylics. Try to avoid any products that will dry out your hands and nails, for example, alcohol-based hand sanitisers, and be sure to moisturise regularly – especially after washing your hands.

You should also moisturise your cuticles daily with cuticle oil to keep nails happy and healthy. Finally, apply a heavier hand cream before bed to wake up with hands and nails that look and feel fantastic!


It’s simple; skilled nail artists

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