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You’ve got your eyebrows tattooed recently and you’re so in love with those new brows? You’ve just had an expert add permanent makeup to your lips and you fancy them so much? Imagine: Lovely red lips, perfectly shaped eyebrows, and flattering eyeliner. You can experience all of these things by getting some permanent makeup procedures. After the procedure, bet you wanna keep them always in excellent condition. But how to make your permanent makeup last longer? And which are the best ways to take care of your permanent makeup during the healing process? Keep scrolling down this page to see some tips for permanent makeup aftercare, according to the experts.

CAROLINE NGUYEN PERMANENT MAKEUP NORTH CAROLINA : If you want your brows to stand out and appear fuller, take a more minimal approach when it comes to eye makeup.

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Before deciding to enter the world of permanent makeup, let’s first discover how long different permanent makeup treatments last. All permanent makeup, even though called “permanent” fades over time. It is called “permanent” because it cannot be washed off, but it’s actually “semi-permanent”. Also, the pigment molecules used in permanent makeup procedures will forever remain in the skin and when they become light in appearance they will reflect an imprint in the skin.

Feathered/microbladed brows will last 1-3 years. Powder blend/powder ombré will last 2-5 years. How quickly that happens will depend on how deeply the ink was injected into the skin, genetics, sun exposure, if you exfoliate with retinoids and hydroxy acids, and how oily your skin is. To prolong the length of your desired results even longer, it’s recommended that you come in for a maintenance appointment once a year.

Depending on the treatment and lifestyle factor, lip tattooing lasts up to 1-3 years. The pigmentation in the lip will start fading naturally and lighten over time. If you want your lip pigment to stay longer, get a color boost procedure every 6-12 months. It is advised to get this done at a good permanent makeup clinic, so do thorough research.

Eyeliner procedure lasts about 18 months. Everyone’s skin holds the pigment differently, so it is tough to say how long it will take for the liner to become invisible. Although it’s called permanent eyeliner, eyeliner tattoos are actually semi-permanent, so it’s best to get a touch-up appointment around 6 months or so.



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