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Gel polish manicures are known for being extremely durable and long-lasting. But in some cases, they are prone to premature peeling and lifting.

Now the main reasons why gel polish tends to lift or peel off are:

– The cuticles were not prepped properly

– The nails were not filed before gel polish application

– The nail plate had too much moisture & oil

– The gel polish wasn’t sufficiently cured.

– Your gel manicure isn’t being moisturized regularly.

– The gel polish was applied in thick coats

– Either a base coat or a top coat wasn’t used

– The free edges weren’t capped

– The gel nails are being exposed to harsh conditions

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A gel manicure made using a gel nail polish can last you 2 to 3 weeks without peeling, chipping, or lifting.

Now the exact lifespan of your gel manicure will vary greatly with each individual. The lifespan will vary based on:

– How well you take care of your gel manicure.

– If they were correctly applied using proper nail prep.

-The environment that your gel nails are exposed to.

– How oily your natural nails are.

Gel Nail Extensions made using a hard gel can last you for 3-4 weeks. Hard gel is the most common form of Gel used to make gel nail extensions.

Now Soft Gel also known as soak off gel can last you for 2-3 weeks.

Hard Gel is more durable and can’t be removed using acetone instead it needs to be filed off. Whilst soft gel isn’t as tough as hard gel but is easier to remove with acetone.


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