Lips Blushing : An on-trending permanent makeup

Cosmetic tattoo lip treatments discreetly enhance your lips giving you a fuller, natural look. It is also ideal to cover any scarring on your lips or unevenness in your lip shape.

Most women do not want to have an artifice or an overdone makeup look. They want to enhance their features to look their best. That is the ultimate goal of lip blushing.

What Is Lip Blushing?

Lip blushing is semi-permanent, tattooed makeup that tints your lips using a cosmetic tattoo gun (on a low setting) and water-based inks. The result is kind of similar to lip fillers — in that your lips will look a little fuller simply by being defined and enhanced with pigment — but lip blushing won’t actually change the shape or feeling of your lips. Instead, it’ll just leave you with a soft, shaded-in color that can enhance your lip symmetry, cover uneven pigmentation or scars, and give you the illusion of bigger, fuller lips. The result is a pout that always looks like it’s sporting a natural and flattering light wash of lipstick.

How Long Does Lip Blushing Take?

First things first, and a big plus: This isn’t a super-long procedure. For best results, several sessions are required, but they will not take any longer than an hour at most. After an initial consultation, pigments are mixed and applied. To avoid infections and ensure professional results, it is important to work with a licensed aesthetician. The result gives your lips a bit of a rebirth.

CAROLINE NGUYEN LIPS BLUSH IN NORTH CAROLINA : We are talking about realistic-looking eyebrow microblading and microshading, soft and modern eyeliner tattoos, and there is a more permanent lip trend that is gaining speed and is set to blow up in 2022: LIP BLUSHING.

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How Much Does Lip Blushing Cost?

The cost will totally depend on where you live (bigger cities will cost more than rural areas) and how skilled your tattoo artist is. This procedure starts at $4000, but it can be seen as an investment. Based on thousands of patients who have done lip blushing, we can say that pigments can last up to three years. Please do not go for the cheapest deal just to save some cash — this is a tattoo that will last for years on your face. If it doesn’t feel a little pricey, it is probably too good to be true.

Is Lip Blushing Really Worth It?

You be the judge, but we think yes. Because lip blushing really can go the distance — it is an investment that will keep you worry-free about your flawless no-makeup makeup look throughout your entire day (and beyond).
A lip tattoo can reduce “lipstick bleed” and give definition to the lip line. With a colored lip tattoo, lip scars seem to disappear, plus you can kiss lipstick good-bye.

What Are Lip Blush Benefits?

Lip Blush benefits have been well attested to by the many women who are continually trusting this new permanent make up service. As Lip Blush grows in popularity, so are the number of case studies who swear by it – and for good reason.



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