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Now, Vietnamese Banh Mi is everywhere. It is in American strip malls and Asian restaurants around the world. If you want to know why Vietnamese street food is not only loved by Vietnamese people but also very popular and favored by friends all over the world, let’s try out the authentic version of Banh Mi at a top-rated Vietnamese bread shop, such as Vietnamese Restaurant 19029

There are two kinds of beef as well as two ways of cooking them used in Pho Bo (Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup). First, let’s go through the beef types. Overall, both the two types used in Pho Bo are brisket; however, there are the softer one and the “having more fat and tendon” one, which, in Vietnam, are called Nạm and Gầu, respectively.

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Then, about the cooking ways, there are also two types: well done and underdone. The former means the beef will be cooked before and will be cut into slices when being served. The latter one, however, will only be cooked right after the order is taken. The raw sliced beef, at that time, will be dipped into the boiling broth and served to the culinary enjoyers, which ensures a hottest as well as most attractive bowl of Pho Bo.

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