Manicure and Pedicure tips before you go to a nail salon

Having beautiful nails is less a matter of luck and more a matter of caring for them correctly. Here are dermatologists’ top manicure and pedicure tips:

1. Apply a cream to moisturize your nails, especially after removing nail polish since most removers contain chemicals that dry the nails.

2. To prevent infection, never cut or forcefully push back your cuticles. If you must push them back, only do so gently after a shower or bath.

3. While most nail salons follow strict cleanliness and disinfection guidelines, look for the following when visiting a salon:

  • Does your nail technician have the necessary experience and/or license, if required?
  • Are the stations clean?
  • Does the nail technician wash her hands between clients?
  • Are there dirty tools lying around?
  • In addition, do not hesitate to ask how they clean their tools.

4. Shave your lower legs after getting a pedicure, not before. That means not shaving your lower legs for at least 24 hours before you get a pedicure. If you nick yourself while shaving, a pedicure could put you at risk for an infection.

5. If you get frequent manicures and pedicures, consider purchasing your own tools to be used at the salon.

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