Marula Oil For Hair Treatment

What Is Marula Oil?

Marula oil is an oil extracted both from the kernels and the nuts of the marula fruit tree, which is native to parts of southern Africa.


Type of ingredient: Moisturizer

Main benefits: Strengthens hair, enhances shine, and fights frizz

Who should use it: Those with dry, damaged hair and/or an irritated scalp

How often can you use it: Daily, or as often as needed

Works well with: Other essential oils

Don’t use with: There are no known ingredients that negatively interfere with marula oil.

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Benefits of Marula Oil for Hair

Lightweight texture: While applying oil to your hair may seem counterintuitive (dry shampoo doesn’t grow on trees, you know), marula oil’s lightweight texture and fast absorption mean it leaves a satin finish on your strands without making them look greasy or weighing down your style. Marula oil is lightweight and absorbs easily, so it’s great for dry hair and adds shine.

Rich in antioxidants: Marula oil is rich in vitamins C and E, protective antioxidants that nourish and add moisture to the hair follicles.This helps repair damaged hair and prevents split ends.

Smooths frizz: A few drops seal and coat your hair cuticle, eliminating frizz and adding tons of shine. It can also help promote a healthy scalp. It has a lot of fatty acids, which lock in moisture in the hair shaft.

Balances your hair’s natural oils: Marula oil will help balance your hair’s natural oils and both hydrate and protect the scalp against free radicals.

Protects hair from damage: Marula oil is a great ingredient for damaged hair. It also protects the hair from moisture loss.

Promotes hair growth: It is high in L-arginine, which is the precursor for nitric oxide, which is a vasodilator. Vasodilation of the blood vessels that feed the hair may promote hair growth. This is one of the ways Minoxidil (the main ingredient in Rogaine) is thought to work, by increasing blood supply to hair follicles.

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Hair Type Considerations

As far as hair texture goes, those with dry, brittle, or damaged hair or those struggling with an irritable scalp will benefit the most from marula oil. Your hair texture can also play a role in the best way to apply the oil. Those with thick, coarse hair may prefer to incorporate a shampoo and conditioner that contains marula oil into their routine, whereas those with fine and brittle hair may choose to apply the oil directly onto hair. Marula oil works great on dry, frizzy, and curly hair types, but it can be used on all types of hair.




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