Microblading vs Microshading at Beauty by Nien

Microblading vs Microshading

1. What is Microblading?

Microblading is one of the most popular forms of permanent makeup that make your brows fuller and lusher if you’re tired of penciling in eyebrows every day. The microblader uses a handheld tool that implants pigment on top of skin cells near hair follicles. The result is a collection of natural-looking strokes with a hairlike appearance to mimic the eyebrow hairs’ position. These processes provide thickness and enhance their beauty when done right!

2. Microblading: Longevity

Microbladed eyebrows can last from a year to three years, but the pigment will fade over time. You can revisit your artist every six months or one year for touch-ups if you want them to stay looking great.

3. Is it Painful?

Some ladies put off their plan to have their eyebrow makeover because they think that the microblading procedure is painful, mainly if they heard from other women about the pain. The truth is, it’s not. Every individual has a different pain tolerance, so what might be painful to others may not be to you or vice versa. But, microblading isn’t painful, even if that’s the case. The microblading artist applies a numbing cream on the eyebrows before doing this process. There isn’t any discomfort when cutting sparse brow areas with blades; however, clients may hear an annoying scratch sound that might give them some minor discomfort if they get used to it.

4. What is Microshading?

Contrary to microblading, where a skilled artist creates hairlike stroke patterns to mimic eyebrow hairs, microshading fills sparse brows with dots of pigment that give a powdery look. Microshading can be applied for different skin types and is often seen as an alternative if your microblading expert informs you that you are not eligible for microbladed eyebrows. One of the main differences between microblading and microshading is that a microblading expert uses different tools to implant pigment into the skin beneath your brow. The artist can use a handheld tool with a thin needle to place small dots of pigment on the brow, creating contrast and dimension. Microshading experts may instead use manual or electrical tools, which fill in sparse areas with color for an overall makeup look.

5. Microshading: Longevity

Microshading and microblading have comparable lifetimes. Microshading may last from one to three years or until you start following the aftercare rules. However, if you follow the correct steps that your technician tells you about at your appointment, then we guarantee that it will satisfy a fantastic result on your new eyebrows.

6. Is it Painful?

You will be in good hands during your procedure. Professionals numb the area for a more comfortable experience by applying a numbing cream to help minimize any discomfort throughout treatment.

7. Microblading vs Microshading: Which Permanent Makeup Procedure Will Suit You?

After reading this article about the differences of microblading vs microshading, it’s time to decide which is right for you. Which style of microblading should you choose? Please visit us at Beauty by Nien salon Houston, Texas 77084 if unsure. We will guide you to your decision and advise on what type of permanent eyebrows suits you best! Want to learn more about creating the perfect brow shape? Our beauty salon in Houston TX 77084 has a beauty class to train all the soon-to-be permanent makeup artists so contact us today!

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