More to Know About Acrylics

To begin interpreting acrylic nails vs natural nails, let’s define acrylics. Acrylics, as we’ll refer to them throughout this article, are artificial fingernails that are custom-made at a salon. Your provider may use a powder or liquid product, but the final effect will be the same: they will apply the compound to each individual nail, wait for it to harden, then file, shape, and buff the nail to make it seem nice. As you might expect, if you want longer acrylic nails, you’ll need to use a fake first, followed by the acrylic compound to finish the look.

What are the pros and cons of acrylics? On the plus side, they are incredibly durable and very difficult to chip or damage. They also give your hands a beautifully finished and appealing look and they are always uniform in size. They can be longer than natural nails and you won’t have to wait for nails to grow to get even longer than normal looks.

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More to Know About Acrylics

Here’s a bit more of acrylic nails vs natural nails. Nails continue to grow with acrylics in place, too and that means you’ll have to have them filled in and refinished periodically. Generally, that means a visit to the salon every two weeks (or more if you suffer a break, chip or other issue). Also, removing polish from acrylics and redoing it yourself is not an option. It requires another visit to the salon.

Your natural nails could potentially be damaged by the chemicals in acrylics. They need to be properly cleaned to prevent any bacterial buildup and taking them off is a somewhat lengthy experience. It is why so many experts have a post-acrylics set of steps they suggest, that we’ll itemize a bit later.

Which Is Right for You?

Acrylic nails vs natural nails…which should you choose? That is really a personal decision. If you prefer your nails to be shorter or you like to change out their color on a regular basis, the natural nail is the best option. It is low maintenance and you can do a lot of the care on your own.

Also, if you have fragile nails or are someone who often breaks or chips nails, it could be that acrylics will end up a bit too high maintenance for you (or your budget). A bit later we are going to look at gel polishes and these could be the right choice if you want the durability of an acrylic, but with a natural nail.

However, acrylics are wildly popular for many reasons. For one thing, they are some of the most flexible. You can get any sort of shape or size and they are just plain fun. You can make them a definite part of your personal fashion statement, and they really can look amazing.




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