Nail art is on the rise

What Is SNS?

– SNS stands for Signature Nail Systems. It is a branded powder-dipping system, accompanied by a brush-on, gel-based polish.

– SNS comes in an array of colors and shades and consists of benzoyl peroxide, titanium dioxide, acrylic ester polymer, vitamin E and calcium.

How Is SNS Applied To Your Nails?

SNS nails rely on powder rather than layers of gel. The process of applying SNS nails is fairly simple. Let’s break it down:

– Your nails are filed and shaped then cleansed with a primer.
– The nail technician applies a coat of resin on the nail plate.
– Dips each nail into the coloured powder, and secures the colour with a bonding liquid.
– The process is repeated a number of times to create the required strength and structure.
– Finally there’s the glossy top coat to give the look its luster and shine.
– It will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour for the SNS application.
– SNS nails cannot be infilled, so when you have regrowth you will have to do a full removal and re-application.

How To Remove SNS Nails?

– The process of removing powder manicures is quite easy. Begin by removing the top layer of gel polish, and then soak your nails in acetone, generally no filing or buffing required.
– While acetone is the most effective method, it can irritate and dry your skin. You can use acetone-free nail polish remover if you prefer.
– A clever option is to stop in your local nail salon and have your SNS nails removed professionally.
– Never try to peel off your SNS nails, as this can remove the top layer of your natural nails, causing them to become brittle and break.

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