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Nowadays, permanent brow makeup focuses on mimicking real brow hairs. That’s why microblading technique (also known as 3D eyebrow embroidery) has completely revolutionized eyebrow tattooing, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Unlike traditional tattoos that last forever, microblading gives you semi permanent eyebrows and helps to add the appearance of hairs to create a natural-looking, fuller brow effect. Microblading uses a pen-like hand tool with a blade made up of needles to etch hair strokes into the skin. Needles are drug across the skin, creating a fine cut where pigment can be placed in the skin. You draw the outline with a brow pencil, and then you use a specialized needle tool to fill inside the shape with strokes. The brow effect is comprised of many thin, crisp lines that are meant to mimic the natural look and texture of hair. It won’t have any borders.

A popular eyebrow system from ancient days is eyebrow tattooing. The most traditional tattooing methods involve the insertion of a needle or needles into the skin in a tapping motion. Tattooed brows are usually done by a handpiece machine, with much greater injury to the skin. This movement forces a lot of pigment into the skin, causing the tattoo to last. Eyebrow tattoo offers a permanent makeup solution for those who want stunning brows. This form of cosmetic tattooing, known also as derma-pigmentation or micro-pigmentation. With brow pigmentation, a regular tattoo needle is used, meaning the final product is composed of many tiny dots of pigments that create the illusion of a completely filled-in brow. Because of this, the finished tattoo is pretty much permanent, like a regular tattoo, with only a few touch-ups needed to maintain it, which saves many people money in the long run, and makes the maintenance of brows so much easier. Tattoo artists use ink while they are performing eyebrow tattoo procedure. With brow tattooing, the range of shades is limited to normal tattoo inks, whereas in the microblading technique, a blend of red, green, and other dye pigments are used to create an infinite variety of shades based on the client’s preference. There are a wide variety of eyebrows that can be produced with traditional tattooing, the most common being the following: Hair-Stroke or Feathered Brows, Soft or Powdered Eyebrow, Hard or Crisp Eyebrow…

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