Salon Vong: 6 Ways to Maintain Your Manicure

Manicures and pedicures are healthy. Manicures aren’t always easy to maintain. Here are some techniques to make manicures and pedicures last longer and preserve your nails.

Nails and cuticles

Maintain healthy nails before and after a manicure. Nail buffers remove nail oil easily. Regular buffing will improve and strengthen your nails.

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Before sessions, clean your nails with a cotton swab and white vinegar. White vinegar dissolves nail buildup and natural oils like a buffer. Oils function as a barrier between nail polish and nails, reducing adhesion.


Many individuals assume nails are dry when touched or after an hour. Freshly painted nails can dry in 12 hours. The drying time of nail polish depends on the type and how long it stands still. We return to our usual habits promptly after manicures to prevent harming our nails.
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Heat damages new nails. High heat can smudge or damage polish. To avoid smudging or chipping, keep polish moist or dry. Avoid using a hair dryer for 12 hours after getting your nails done to avoid aggravating them. Don’t wash your hands with hot water without gloves or mittens.


Hands and nails must be hydrated for health and attractiveness. Applying cuticle oil twice a week keeps cuticles healthy. We should already be moisturizing our hands regularly, so this shouldn’t be a problem.
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It’s silly to expect you to sit still and pretty after getting your nails done. Since we use our hands so often, we chip our nails. If you know what to look for, you can repair smudges and stains at home.

Salon Vong – Nail salon in Mile End, Montreal Quebec H2T 1R2 Canada

Top coat protects and maintains your nails. Apply a new top coat every other day. This keeps nails healthy and beautiful. It prolongs polish.

Smudging is an easy way to ruin a new manicure. You may do this by removing and reapplying nail polish. Smooth the surface with a topcoat and let it dry completely.

Whitening toothpaste helps eliminate berry and lighter nail stains. Using a toothbrush and toothpaste, erase stains.

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Nail-file often

Toenail filing keeps them healthy and breaks-resistant.

If you discover a tear or chip in the nail early, you can file it down and save the nail. Filing in one direction prevents feathering and tears. Regular nail filing might cause more damage than benefit if done incorrectly.

Healthy diets, supplements

Eating well keeps your body in shape, and so do your nails. Vitamin B-12, zinc, and iron enhance nail growth. Taking pills instead of eating well is fine.

Nail care should be part of your regular routine between treatments, so try it!

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