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Here comes an extremely calming treatment for your feet! Enjoy a relaxing treatment that helps detoxify and renew your skin.
Relax in our massage chair while your feet are soaked in a fragranced whirlpool bath. Cuticles are removed, nails are trimmed, shaped, and buffed, followed by a massage, then finished with your favorite polish.


A unique treatment to nourish tired, stressed, and dry feet and promote soft skin, giving your feet a healthy and glowing complexion.
It starts with our Basic Pedicure plus an exfoliation of feet and legs with extravagant sea scrub and Sea Salt Glow. Then, your feet are wrapped in warm towels, followed by a massage, and finished with your favorite polish. Callus removal is also included


A detoxifying and refreshing pedicure energizes and brings balance to your body as well as draws out any remaining bacteria, impurities, and chemicals from your skin, making it smoother and more radiant.

All in one service: The Basic + callus treatment + exfoliation + mask + 10-minute massage + 10-minute paraffin treatment.
Finished with polish.


Pamper and enjoy yourself with our exclusive pedicure, a fun bubbling and fizzing explosion on the feet!

The luxury pedicure exfoliates all skin types, deeply moisturizes, and boosts collagen production, which eventually reduces fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin more youthful, radiant, and healthier.

Complete 5-step Volcano Pedicure Kit delivers a single bubbling pedicure service.
Step 1: Detox Crystals
Step 2: Detox Activator
Step 3: Exfoliating Sugar Scrub
Step 4: Collagen Massage Lotion in 10 minutes
Step 5: Collagen Cream Mask with warm towel & extra 10-minute paraffin wax

Acrylics are a combination of a liquid monomer and a powder polymer that form a paste which is bonded to the natural nail. It’s then given the desired shape, where it hardens in place to add strength, length, and thickness to the nail.

A pink and white full set is pink acrylic with white tips and a French tip full set is a clear acrylic with a white tip. No difference except color. So it’s whatever you prefer. Although you can tell them you want French tips in any color nail polish.

Also commonly referred to as SNS nails, the dip powder nail technique involves dipping the nail into colored powder (or brushing the dip powder onto the nail), then using a clear sealant on top. The result is a longer-lasting manicure that can remain chip-free for up to a month.

Gel-x is the first soft gel nail extension technology in the world! Gel-x tips and prolong gel are made from cutting-edge soft gel formulations for convenient soak-off characteristics, making them quick and easy to apply. There is no need for a filling, no dust, no odor, and no harm to your natural nails.

Gel nail polish color requires zero drying time. You can easily go 2 weeks without a single chip or loss of shine.

A manicure is a beauty treatment of the hands. Your nails will be cut, filed, and shaped. You will then have your cuticles pushed back and tidied, and then enjoy a hand massage. The final step will be the painting of the nails with a colour of your choice.

A pedicure is a comprehensive treatment of your feet and is suitable for both men and women. It involves cutting, trimming and shaping your toenails, tending to your cuticles, exfoliating, hydrating and massaging your feet, and, if desired, painting your toenails.

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