The glitter nails help you to shine in front of the opposite person

Palace Nails Spa – Besides the usual nail colors such as red, pink, orange, blue. We also have glitter nail sets. In addition, you can also use beading service on nail design to help create accents and embellish your hands more sparkling.

With glitter and beading, you can customize the size of the beads. If you like light or simple, you can choose a small size. If you want to seduce with more prominent patterns, you can choose a larger size. However, they should only be used in small amounts. Because if you use too much, they will make your nails messy and cumbersome.

You can also use a different color to decorate one finger or beaded on one finger. This way of creating accents is simple, but they will show you the difference.

Some service: Acrylic Nails Full Set, Acrylic Fill In, Pink & White Full Set 75090, Color Full Set, Nail Designs, Polish Change Hands, French/American,…

Don’t wait any longer, come to our nail salon to experience glitter nail design today!

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