There is nothing better than freshly cooked dishes!

The most famous type of food in our restaurant is Pho. ❤️ Pho is known as a Vietnamese specialty made from flavorful broth, soft (but not mushy) rice noodles and tender meat. A slice of lemon, pepper & a side plate of fresh herbs will awake your taste buds.
👉 Reserve a table or walk-ins welcome to fully enjoy your meals at our restaurant. We’re pleased to indulge our customers’ senses!

Why Not My Pho Kitchen | Vietnamese Restaurant 98908 | Pho, Vietnamese Cousine, Grill food Yakima, WA 98908

Why Not My Pho Kitchen

📍 Address: 4001 Summitview Avenue #12, Yakima, WA
☎️ Hotline: 509-426-2118