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Owning a beautiful and healthy nails is something that many people desire. But not everyone knows how to protect their nails.

Below, French Nails will summarize for you the easiest ways to protect your nails.

Ways to protect your nails after manicure

After nails manicure, nails as well as cuticles will be damaged because In gel nail polish contains formaldehyde, which makes nails more brittle and easier to break. If you don’t take care of your nails and let the damage go on for too long, the nails will be damaged. 

That’s why nail care is so important. Let’s find out ways to do this. 

1. Use gloves when in contact with water

Daily activities such as washing dishes, cooking, washing clothes, … will come into contact with many substances that make nails easy to dry. Therefore, using gloves will help protect nails from external influences, make nails stronger, limit broken nails and help paint colors last longer.

2. Nail care right at home

You can take care of your nails at home in two ways.
 – Use moisturizer
 – Use essential oils

3. Use nail care products

You can use more oral products that can add nutrients, help nourish strong nails from the inside such as Blackmores Nail Hair Skin, Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin and Nails or Olly Undeniable Beauty Gummy and many more.

4. Do not remove the paint by yourself

Removing nail polish yourself is absolutely not advisable even if the gel polish on your nails starts to peel and crack because it will make nails become patchy, dry. You can use a towel or nail polish remover to do this or easier, just come to French Nails – top nail salon 75248 and we will handle ít for you.

5. Keep your nails dry and clean

It is important to always clean your nails regularly and dry them after washing. French Nails recommend using a small brush, applying a little salt and then gently scrubbing your nails and surrounding skin to help prevent dirt and disease-causing bacteria from accumulating.

6. Have a healthy diet
Eating habits really have a big influence on the strength of your nails. Eggs, dairy, and leafy greens like spinach and kale are great sources of protein and calcium. 

Hopefully with this useful information, Frech Nails has been able to help you understand more about ways to protect your nails after a manicure.

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