Traditional Asian food is highly nutritious

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Evidently, when people want to discover the essence of a culture, they often study the cuisine, especially the street food and the traditional ones. Particularly, when referring to Vietnam, it would be a total loss not to mention the most famous Vietnamese food in Westminster CO 80023 a.k.a “Phở”.

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Asian Heritage Diet Pyramid

Starting at the base of the pyramid, you’ll find:

  • Foods to enjoy every day: leafy greens, legumes, vegetables, soy foods, whole grains, herbs and spices.
  • Fish or shellfish servings twice each week.
  • Moderate portions of eggs, poultry, and healthy cooking oils.
  • Infrequent servings of red meats and sweets.
Vietnamese restaurant 80023 | Pho Lee | Westminster, CO 80023

The diet recommends proteins like soy, fish and shellfish. Dairy, eggs, poultry and healthy oils should be eaten less frequently. Red meat and sugary desserts should be eaten infrequently. The pyramid also calls for six glasses of water or tea each day; sake, wine and beer are OK in moderation. Remember to stay physically active, and you are set.

Nutritious Diet

Traditional Asian food is highly nutritious. For example, Vietnam is known for their signature noodle dish – Pho, a big bowl of homemade beef marrow bone broth, tripe, tendons, brisket, and rice noodles. Go to Thailand and get bone broth soup with cubes of pork blood, greens, rice noodles, and a duck egg.

Vietnamese restaurant 80023 | Pho Lee | Westminster, CO 80023

In China, enjoy sautéed (alas, in soybean or corn oil these days) pork kidneys with Chinese broccoli and rice on the side. In Japan, enjoy wild caught salmon eggs rolled with seaweed and rice, mackerel sashimi, and some fermented miso soup with kelp strips. In Korea, enjoy barbecue and eat a dozen different kinds of kimchi, grilled short ribs, beef tongue, and liver all wrapped in lettuce, with rice on the side.

In all these foods, rice is present, but so are real bone broth, fresh meat, fermented cabbage, offal, and vegetables. The presence of rice does not invalidate or negate the presence of every other nutrient.

Vietnamese restaurant 80023 | Pho Lee | Westminster, CO 80023
Home cooking needs a lot of preparation.

If you are craving a complete meal composed of appetizers, salads, soup, main dish, desserts, and coffee, dining out will be less tedious. Can you imagine preparing all these for yourself at home? In that case dining out will become your best choice. No market shopping. No need to spend hours in the kitchen. No clean up after the meal. Eating out in our Vietnamese restaurant Colorado 80023 may cost a little more but it saves you time and energy.