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Fizz Nails is the premier nail salon for nail services in the heart of Houston, TX 77008. Our warm atmosphere is designed to make you feel relaxed and refreshed.

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Our nail salon takes pride in providing quality Manicure and Pedicure services. We strive in providing you with excellent services and professionalism. We are always on top of the trends in the beauty industry making sure we are trained in the latest techniques and products. With a highly trained, friendly staff, ensure you will have a memorable and enjoyable spa experience.

Especially, understanding that customers always appreciate cleanliness and safety when coming to a nail salon, we ensure beautiful and healthy nails for each client. We clean, disinfect and sanitize all of our instruments and equipment for all services and treatments. Along with the standard hygiene procedures, all the products we use in the salon are from the most famous manufacturers.

Come pamper yourself and experience the ultimate service. Call us at 713-485-5746 to make appointments!

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Address: 1533 N. Shepherd Dr Ste 150 Houston, TX 77008
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Phone: 713-485-5746
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