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VNY Nails was formed with the goal of providing our dedicated clients in Riverton, Utah 84096 with the most recent nail trends and the greatest

cosmetic treatments.

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VNY Nails prioritizes safety and cleanliness at all times. Before being reused, all tools, equipment, and electrical instruments are properly cleaned and subjected to an authorized sanitizing and disinfection process. Buffers and files are only utilized once before being deleted. Liner protection is used during all pedicure operations. In addition to basic cleanliness precautions, all products used at VNY Nails are from well-known manufacturers.

If you want to find out why Riverton, Utah locals prefer VNY Nails, come see us today!

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Address: 4013 West 12600 SouthRiverton, UT 84096 United States
Phone: (801) 446-8215
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