Welcome to our salon and try new blue ombre manicure design

Nail salon 66206 | Bravo Nails & Spa | Prairie Village, Kansas 66206

From a bride’s big day to a twist on a simple manicure, this natural ombré is a classic choice for any woman. The gradual fade into color is subtle enough to wear every day and instantly elevates your outfit to a high fashion masterpiece.

Instead of using UV rays to seal in your polish, the color comes from a pigmented powder. Between base coats and a sealant, you dip your nails into a little jar of your chosen color (SNS and Revel are the two most popular and vetted manufacturers) for a mani that could last three to four weeks

Welcome to our nail salon Prairie Village

Nail salon 66206 | Bravo Nails & Spa | Prairie Village Kansas 66206

Embrace your sense of boldness and ask for blue ombre nails. Blue is a very cool color to look at and that it can relax the eyes in contrast to the other bright colors. If you want something that will make your nails look calm, relaxed and free then blue is the right color. There are so many different shades of blue, making blue nails so easy to wear. Cooler tones of blue work well in winter and tropical tones work well during the summer months. Are you ready to jump in a magical looking blue gradient nail art design? Don’t forget to snap a pic of your dazzling manicure and post it on Instagram!

🌈 Ombre nails have recently become a popular design. These nails look cool and can be done using almost any two colors.
🌟 You simply pick your two favorite colors in a similar tone, and our technicians will do the rest to create this fancy nail art for you – Nail salon near me in Prairie Village!