What are Powder Gel Nails?

What are Powder Gel Nails?

Powder dip gel is durable and perfect for everyday wear. It is a popular gel nail option in top nail salon Winnipeg that many people choose. Powder gel nails are worn for up to five weeks.

Powder gel is less permanent than hard gel but more permanent than gel polish. This type of manicure is recommended for people who want a glossy, long-lasting colored manicure. It seems that everyone wants to know how long do powder gel nails last, especially when it comes to wearing them for special occasions. The short answer is, it depends upon the type of glue you use, and also how often you are putting it on.

With the Powder Gel Nail System offered at this professional nail salon Winnipeg, you could effortlessly enjoy beautiful nails that last for weeks, are strong, durable, and natural looking.

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Gel Nails

When you get gel nails, your manicurist will usually cut and shape your nails, trim your cuticles, and moisturize and buff your hands. Then, they’ll apply a gel nail polish in your chosen color. Gel nail polishes are formulated so they harden when exposed to UV light. This forms a rock-solid, smooth, and shiny coat. After the polish has been applied, your manicurist will put your nails under a UV light to dry them.

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