What Kind Of Fake Nails Last The Longest?


What Kind Of Fake Nails Last The Longest?

The longest-lasting artificial nails can vary some, from person to person. You may find that one kind of nail lasts significantly better for you. This can depend on what sort of products you use or what daily tasks you perform.

However, typically, acrylic nails last the longest. They’re more durable and tend to outlive either gel or dip nails. As nails grow out, you’ll still need to fill in acrylic nails every few weeks. Because of this regular maintenance (which is about the same for any nail), the slight increase in durability probably isn’t enough to be significant. Upkeep will continue regularly, no matter what nail style you pick.

Why Are Acrylic Nails More Affordable?

Since acrylic nails are so widely available, they are relatively cheap. Also, since gels don’t last as long, acrylic does have an advantage in being replaced less often. This can save some money in the long run.

It’s important to keep in mind that acrylic nails still need to be maintained every three weeks or so. As the nail grows out, regular appointments with a technician are essential to fill in the new nail growth. It’s not just for looks – the fake nails start to lift and separate in time. While it may not seem very noticeable, this leaves an area for moisture to be trapped between both nails. This is a prime condition for bacteria growth, and keeping on top of this is a matter of health.

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Do Acrylic Nails Look Natural?

Acrylic nails are very hard, which makes them long-lasting. This also means that they have a rigid, inflexible appearance that natural nails do not. As a general rule, they are the most difficult to pass off as authentic. If you want a more believable appearance that stands up to scrutiny, dip or gels are the better bet.

But that’s a matter of personal opinion – some people don’t mind the less natural appearance of acrylic nails, and they don’t care if it looks fake. After all, no one has naturally pink hair, but people dye their hair every day without concern. If the style you’re going for isn’t a “natural” look, don’t worry about it.

Which Nails Set The Fastest?

One downside of acrylic nails is that they take a little longer to set. Once they’re applied, they take around 10 minutes to cure fully. Compare this to gel nails, which can harden in a minute or two under UV light.


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