What you need to know about eyelash growth

How often is the shedding of eyelashes?

A stray eyelash on your face, which you might blow off with your finger to grant a wish, may have been a favorite childhood pastime for you. As an adult, you may find it less exciting to see your eyelashes fall off. You may worry whether they’ll ever grow back. Eyelashes, like hair on your head, go through a normal growth and shedding cycle.

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My eyelashes fall off for no apparent reason.
You may be allergic to mascara if your eyelashes fall out excessively while you wear it. It’s also possible that you’re using too much force when applying the mascara. An underlying medical problem might also be an indicator of excessive eyelash loss.

These are some examples:

amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Blepharitis, an infection of the eyelids, can also cause severe eyelash loss. Blepharitis can be caused by an allergic reaction, an infection, or a traumatic event.

Chemotherapy patients may also experience temporary loss of eyelashes.

Your doctor may be able to treat the underlying cause of your eyelash loss if it is due to a medical condition. Eyelash growth may revert to normal after this treatment.

You can speed up the growth of your eyelashes if you don’t know what’s causing your lashes to fall out.

Find out more about blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids) ยป

How long does it take for eyelashes to develop in their natural state?
An adult’s upper and lower eyelashes typically have 100-150Trusted Source lashes apiece, with the average adult having 50-75Trusted Source lower eyelashes. The development cycle of each eyelash consists of three phases:

The beginning of the agglutination process.
Each eyelash’s development cycle occurs at this time. This stage usually lasts between two and four weeks, depending on the complexity of the project. If you lose one eyelash at this time, it will not come back immediately.

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The telogen phase.
For the most part, this is the longest period, lasting anywhere from four to nine months. During this time, your eyelashes are resting before they fall out and a new one develops in its place, according to conventional wisdom.

Eyelashes can go through all three stages at the same time. From five to 11 months, the entire eyelash cycle can be completed. A Reliable SOURCE Even if you don’t see your lashes falling out, it’s normal to lose a couple each day.

Why is it taking so long to grow back?
Several methods exist for accelerating the growth of eyelashes:

Eat a well-balanced meal plan.
The health of your eyelashes and your body as a whole is supported by a balanced diet. Here are some nutrients that may aid in the growth of eyelashes.

It’s important to eat a diet rich in protein because your hair is mostly composed of this building component. Keratin is made possible by the amino acids found in protein. Keratin can aid in the maintenance of long, healthy eyelashes.

Keratin synthesis is also supported by biotin. Many foods include it, such as:

cauliflower \sbroccoli \skale \sonions
raw, unprocessed grains
Vitamin A and C-rich fruits and vegetables: These fruits and vegetables aid in the growth of eyelashes by promoting cell and collagen formation. There are a number of options available.

berries, avocados, and other dark orange and yellow fruits and vegetables
Niacin: Hair follicles are stimulated by increased blood supply to niacin (vitamin B-3). Niacin may be found in the following foods:

chicken \sfish \sbeef
turkey \speanuts
avocados with green peas
A shortage of iron in the diet might cause a large number of eyelashes to go into resting mode at once. This may be avoided by consuming iron-rich meals. Among them are:

Dark greens like spinach and dried fruit are good sources of fiber.
cereals enriched with iron
Take a multivitamin supplement.
Adding a multivitamin to your diet is an easy way to guarantee that you’re getting all of the nutrients you need. A high-quality multivitamin, even if it’s not expressly oriented at hair, nail or skin health, should suffice. Do your research and ensure that the product you select meets the quota for daily consumption

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Take use of over-the-counter lash conditioners.
Eyelash serums and gels for conditioning and growth can be found in a variety of forms. It’s possible to wear them on their own or under makeup. To encourage lash development, some mascaras contain conditioners, such as lipid or peptide complexes.

You should discuss Latisse with your doctor.
Latisse (bimatoprost) has been approved by the FDA as a topical therapy for eyelash growth. During the anagen phase, Latisse increases the number of hair follicles generated. Lashes may be made thicker, longer, and darker with the use of this product.

To what extent may I halt the loss of my eyelashes?
Preventing excessive eyelash loss can be as simple as making little adjustments to your everyday routine. According to your preferences and way of life:

Invest on a new eyeliner. In some cases, you may be allergic to your brand and not realize it. Make the switch to a non-waterproof mascara if you’re currently using waterproof.

Gently remove your makeup. Pulling or rubbing your lashes might cause them to come out, especially if they are mascara-coated. Makeup remover and a delicate touch can assist.

Don’t go to bed with makeup still on. Mascara-coated eyelashes are more vulnerable to damage. If you sleep on your stomach, your teeth may fall out.

The eyelash curler is a waste of space. Pulling or using these tools while wearing mascara may cause your eyelashes to fall off.

Dispose of the eyelash extensions and artificial lashes properly. With medical-grade adhesive, these lash enhancers stick to your natural eyelashes. Your lashes may fall out when you remove the adhesive. Ensure that you use an oil-based cleaner. Let your extensions fall out on their own if you choose.

It all comes down to this:
When it comes to eyelashes, they develop and fall out in a predictable rhythm. Despite the fact that this may be alarming, it is important to note that they will usually regrow on their own. It is possible to speed up the growth of your child by using various home therapies and lifestyle adjustments.

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The only way to know if your eyelash loss is an indication of something more severe is to see your doctor if you’re having any strange symptoms. They can work with you to discover the specific reason of your eyelash loss and provide treatment options for you to follow. They can also provide you details on topical drugs like Latisse if you ask them.

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