Why do your acrylic nails keep lifting?

Why do my acrylic nails keep lifting?

If you tried different acrylic nail products and having different nail technicians but your acrylic nails keep lifting before two weeks, then the problem is you. Here are a few reasons why:

– Your acrylic nails are too long for your work or daily use of hands and fingers.

– Your natural nails are too oily for good adhesion between acrylic nails and your nails.

– Your nail beds are too short to support long extended acrylic nails.

– Your natural nails are too thin to provide a firm base for acrylic nails to stick and last.

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How to make acrylic nails not lift?

How do you keep your acrylic nail from lifting? Aside from poor acrylic product and inexperienced nail technician, you can do your part in keeping your acrylic nails from lifting prematurely by keeping these in mind:

– Do not use them as tools

– Do not wear them too long

– Do not put them through too much bending

Remember, you wear extended acrylic nails as one way to beautify your hands and fingers, not for you to use them any way you want.

So learn how to work with them and they will last longer.

One way I can minimize lifting of my customers’ acrylic nails is trying to make a set of nails that they like so much so they do not want to do anything to ruin them. It is a win-win scenario. My customers have pretty nails for a long time and I do not have to spend more time do unnecessary repairs which translates quick fill-ins and less fill-in cost for them.


Why do your acrylic nails keep lifting?

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