2021 Summer Inspired Manicured Nail Art

If you are looking to lighten things up this summer, pastel nails are a must-try! Pastel shades are everywhere. From blouses and suits to your nails, you can match different shades in the best possible way and combine them for all possible event you need to go to.

Whichever pastel nail polish color you pick, from delicate bloom-inspired shades like lilac and rose to slightly punchier hues of peach or tangerine, it can put a pretty paradise at your beautifully manicured fingertips.

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See our photos of pastels and paint one of these bright polishes onto your nails in preparation for summer!

Summer is a magical time for watching butterflies. A quick hike in the woods, a few quiet moments in a garden, or even a walk down a city block almost always turns up a few butterflies. Now, you can watch the butterflies even on your fingernails!

Nail salon 92020 | 888 Nails & Spa | El Cajon, CA 92020

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