Change up your regular manicure with our nail artists!

Change up the regular manicure by securing a red tip at the end of your polished nails. Starting halfway down the nailbed, choose a vibrant shade to accentuate the end of your fingers. Not only does this make your hands look longer and more elegant, but it’s also a great design to feature. When they start to grow out, you won’t be in a rush to get them re-done – this is a natural and refined looking set for everyday wear.

Look at the combination of Blue and Pink on your fingernails! The contrast is just perfect, unexpected, and excellent for standing out from the crowd.

Nail salon 80525 | LV Nail Spa | Fort Collins, CO 80525

The nail art design is varied, different and completely innovative. You can always choose your own style from numerous nail ideas. But with Halloween coming up, we’ve put together some of the best ideas to inspire your next salon manicure appointment.

Nail salon 80525 | LV Nail Spa | Fort Collins, CO 80525

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If going full shiny glitter is not your cup of tea, you can try a delicate glossy nail polish. Feminine, dreamy and cute!