Gel nail polishes give you an amazing finish

1- Looks Amazing

Gel nail polishes give you an amazing finish, much better than regular nail polishes.

They tend to be more pigmented. So they require fewer coats to create a solid color, though this will vary with the brand that you use.

Gel Polishes tend to have a nice natural glossy effect – but they are available in matte colors as well. Citation.

2- Long-lasting & Very Durable

Now the main advantage that gel polishes have is that they last much longer when compared to regular nail polishes.

Gel Polishes can last for 2-3 weeks once applied and cared for correctly. Whilst regular nail polishes usually just go for 5-7 days before starting to peel and fade.

Gel manicures are also much more durable than manicures made from regular nail polishes. Gel nails are less like to peel, lift, or chip. And they are better suited if your nails are exposed to harsh environments such as heat and strong chemicals.

3- Faster Application

Gel Polishes use a UV-Led Lamp to cure and harden rather than air-drying like regular nail polishes.

Gel polishes cure within 30-60 seconds. Whilst regular nail polishes take 10-14 minutes, depending on the brand, to dry.

This allows gel polishes to be applied much faster than regular nail polishes.

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