How To DIY Polka Dot Nails?

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I’m sharing with you the polka dots nail art tutorial, which includes super easy steps to achieve this classic pattern on your finger tips.

So if you’re looking for a novice-level design before you try a more ambitious look​, then polka dot nail art is a great starting point. And it looks fabulous too!

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We’re pretty much obsessed with polka dots right now, and our favorite way to wear them is definitely on our nails.

There’s a reason polka-dot manicures have been popular for decades. The speckled design is foolproof! 

Nail salon KS 67206 | Elegant Nails | Nail salon Wichita

There’s just something about a subtle polka dot nail art moment that screams fancy, so you’d be forgiven for assuming that the application process would involve a lot of similarly fancy tools (and some equally fancy artistic ability).

Enter polka dot nails. This classic nail art design is fairly simple to pull off… All you really need is a dotting tool (or a toothpick, Q-tip or bobby pin). Once you master the dotting, your options are endless, really. 

Nail salon KS 67206 | Elegant Nails | Nail salon Wichita

You can dip one of its beaded ends into your nail polish bottle until it’s lightly coated, then use that to gently place polish onto your nail dot by dot. You can place dots all over the nail for a semi-even pattern like the one I created, but don’t let the traditional idea of polka dots stifle your ideas of other ways to use a pin. You could go the minimal route and place a line of dots just along your nail beds or across the tips.

At a nail-art impasse, I started experimenting with simple looks that I could pull off with random stuff lying around my house. All you need is a dotting tool or toothpick to create a chic, colorful pattern. Do not get impatient when waiting for those dots to dry, by the way. The finished product is sure to coordinate with your favorite Summer sundress or bikini when you’re basking on the beach.

Nail salon KS 67206 | Elegant Nails | Nail salon Wichita

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