Make your polish last longer

Choose Your Top Coat Wisely

Choosing to go matte or high shine aren’t the only questions to ask yourself when selecting a top coat. You’ll want to opt for a formula that boasts chip resistance, protection, and strengthening—and bonus points if there is a hydrating component, too.

Use the Right Base Coat

We all know that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? While many are quick to blame the polish or the top coat for their manicure woes, the basecoat is equally, if not more important—and it’s a step that many skip over entirely. By using a grippy, strong basecoat, you’ll significantly extend the life and look of your manicure.

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Reapply Your Top Coat Every 2-3 Days

Contrary to popular belief, top coat is not a set-it-and-forget-it type of application. Like most things worthwhile in life, it requires maintenance. For best results and preservation of your mani, reapply your top coat every two to three days.

Take Care of Chips Right Away

Ever look at a chipped nail, roll your eyes, get annoyed and then totally forget about it? Yep, us too. But tackling chips when they first happen will help to preserve your manicure in a few ways and the sooner you restore your nails to a cohesive, flaw-free look, the better. Odds are if you let the chip sit, you just might peel and pick your way into mani-destruction. Also, fixing the chip will prevent it from spreading and getting worse on its own.

Use Gloves

Protecting your hands from water, harsh household cleaners, and any heavy-duty work is always a good idea, but it is an especially important part of protecting your polish, too. Avoid damaging their nails and cuticles by wearing quality rubber gloves anytime you engage in handy work.

Don’t Bite

This sounds like a no-brainer but is often easier said than done. Even if you’re not a nail biter, biting your cuticles or any skin around the nail can lead to a manicure disaster, so avoid biting or putting your fingers anywhere near your mouth. For many, biting your nails is a subconscious nervous habit. In other words, when you feel the urge to do so, try to focus on your breath instead (three breaths slowly in, three out). There are also foul-tasting top coats you can try, too.


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