Sometimes you just want to have some fun with your nails. You want to step away from the expectations of beauty and glamour and have something cute to show for your work. Below are some cute nail art ideas that were created by experienced manicurists at Beaute Nail & Spa – nail salon 85295.

Nail salon 85295 | Beaute Nail & Spa | Gilbert, AZ 85295


The world has more different nail shapes than you have fingers! Here let’s focus on one particular shape – coffin, aka ballerina nails. Coffin nails are great for all fashion lovers and the true connoisseurs of nail shapes. Nail addicts all around the world wear this nail shape and enjoy the view. From nude hues to the interesting patterns, glitter, and gems – everything is allowed.

Nail salon 85295 | Beaute Nail & Spa | Gilbert, AZ 85295

Our top-rated nail salon 85295 is strong on designing coffin nail art. Coffin nails will definitely attract view, and people will give you a lot of positive comments. Let’s try out this popular nail trend when you’re planning to be on vacation and not having to worry about typing every day.


Pink nail art has been known to include some of the coolest nail designs and can be suitable for a wide variety of occasions and events. Polish your nails with pink hues whenever you want to show off your girly and sweet side.

Nail salon 85295 | Beaute Nail & Spa | Gilbert, AZ 85295

Nail arts are always a thing to emphasize your beauty and glamour. Be more creative in choosing colors as a way to make your nails truly wonderful.


Nail salon 85295 | Beaute Nail & Spa | Gilbert, AZ 85295

Jelly nails, also known as glass nails, have taken over social media for its fun colors and optical illusion effect. These bright, colorful nails are created by shaping translucent colored acrylic over your nails. The result is a semi-sheer, colorful acrylic set that shows a glimpse of your natural nails underneath. It’s a great way to try new things because of its transparent nature. Jelly polish pairs so well with glitter. You also can add subtle dimension to other nail trends like crystals, stones and marbling.

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