On-trending nail shapes in 2021 are Mountain Peak and Coffin!

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Nail shape names aren’t exactly complicated—square, squoval, ballerina—but picking the right one can be. From basic round to domineering stiletto, switching up your shape can alter the entire mood of the manicure.

Daring women will love coffin nails. Also known as the ballerina style, coffin-shaped designs can be achieved with your own nails if they’re long enough. For this shape, the stylist tapers the sides and then squares off the tips.

Nail salon 85206 | Panda Nails and Spa | Mesa, AZ 85206

The mountain peak shape follows a similar pattern to stiletto nails, but it doesn’t require the fingernails to be as long. No acrylics are needed to craft this pointed shape. All you’ll need is some slight length on the tips that can be filed into a fine point. Mountain peaks look great with soft, subtle nail color to let the shape do all the talking.

Nail salon 85206 | Panda Nails and Spa | Mesa, AZ 85206

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