What’s so special about Spring and Summer?

After a cold winter, spring’s thaw reminds me that life is gloriously worth living. I find much to celebrate in the greening of grass, the songs of doves and meadowlarks, and the first long evenings of spring so full of possibilities. The traditions and rituals of this time of year all reflect the themes of renewal, rebirth and rejuvenation. Color returns to the world after brief, monochrome days and long, lingering nights. Spring nail colors that I see the most are Pink nails, Red nails, Lilac nails or Lavender nail color.

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Nail art is a great way to wear the seasons latest colors and prints, and beautiful nails will finish off all your summery outfits perfectly. Get you in the summer spirit with butterfly manicures! Summer is a magical time for watching butterflies. A quick hike in the woods, a few quiet moments in a garden, or even a walk down a city block almost always turns up a few butterflies.

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I found other adorable manicures ideas for you to get inspired in your next salon manicure. Check out below!