Tips To Keep Your Hair Color Last Longer

You love your new hair color, but how do you plan on keeping it? Read below!
◆ After you receive your color service wait at least 48 hours before shampooing your hair (more is even better). Try and limit your washing to 3 times a week, especially if you have an intense color like red.

◆ Cold water is much gentler on colored hair. Hot water can actually re-open the hair cuticle, allowing color to escape. Cold water, on the other hand, locks your color in.

◆ Avoid chlorine! If you want to go to the pool, try a swimmer’s cap. Or, try getting your hair wet in the shower, use conditioner, and then don’t rinse it out. This will create a barrier on the hair shaft so that the chlorine won’t penetrate.

◆ When your hair becomes dry or brittle, it’s actually far more susceptible to color-fading. Adding hydration back in is key. Once a week, apply a deep conditioning treatment or hair mask.

◆ Dead ends won’t hold color and will fade even faster, so make sure you are cutting off those dead ends every 6-8 weeks so your color looks fresh from root to tips.
Now that you know some easy tricks for keeping your hair color looking vibrant, we see nothing but gorgeous hair color days ahead!

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