Which Are The Current French Manicure Trends?

A French Manicure is about as classic as it gets, but “classic” doesn’t have to mean “boring”. Unlike many years ago, French Manicures are now marked by creativity, intricate shapes, and gentler lines. This timeless design has remained a staple and also inspired an unlimited number of creative and colorful spin-offs.

From neon colors to animal print tips, the French Manicure has been remixed for today’s ladies. French manis are not one-size-fits-all, you can experiment with colors, nail shapes, and different curves.

You will realise how creative you can get with any number of color combinations. You could go bright, understated or monochromatic. You can also bring out some of your glitter and metallic nail polishes.

Add flair by mixing neutral colors with a bright color, adding texture — such as dots — to the French, do a deep arch rather than a smaller and rounder arch for a more dramatic look, or add a little sparkle to make it more signature to your style. Of course you can keep the nail style timeless with white tips, but if you’re looking for something more playful, you can have rainbow ombre, rose gold foil, frosted silver or glitter replacing the traditional white tips.

There are so many ways to update the nail look. Are you ready to take the classic style up a notch? Here come some of the nicest ways to modernize your French Manicure, take advantage of them!

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