What is a manicure procedure ?

1. Nail cutting and shaping

Every sleek manicure starts with a strong foundation – beautifully shaped nails. During a professional manicure like the ones from our pros, your nail technician will start by trimming your nails to your desired nail length. If your nails are already short, then they may skip this part and go straight into filing and shaping your nails.

Once your nails are nicely trimmed and all relatively the same length, your manicurist will begin filing your nails using a nail file. This includes smoothing the edges and sides of your nails, then shaping them to your desired nail shape. The most popular nail shapes are almond, ballerina (also known as coffin nails) and oval shaped nails, but you could also go for round, square or even squoval shaped nails. If you’re unsure what nail shape is best for you, then simply ask your nail technician for their professional advice.

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2. Cutting your cuticles

The part of your nail that often gets forgotten about in a manicure is your cuticles. Your cuticles are the layer of clear, dry skin at the bottom edge of your nail. Smartening up your cuticles can transform your manicure and make your fingertips look that bit sleeker. During a professional manicure, an expert manicurist will gently soften and remove dead skin from your cuticle using a cuticle cutter and a cuticle pusher.

3. Buffing for extra shine

The next stage in a professional manicure is buffing your nails. Buffing is essentially polishing your nails to make them look shinier and more consistent. A little bit like polishing shoes, buffing gives your nails a healthy shine and makes them even sleeker. If you’ve booked a manicure for men, buffing will be the final step of your manicure treatment.

4. Adding a splash of colour

In most professional treatments, the final step of your manicure is to paint your nails with a glossy nail polish of your choosing. To get a sleek, glossy finish, your nail technician will paint your nails in stages, starting with a clear base coat.

The next step is to apply two coats of coloured nail polish to ensure a smooth, even finish. Each coat will be applied in three strokes of the nail paint brush. The first two strokes are to cover the majority of the nail, while the final stroke guides the polish into place and ensure it’s evenly spread for consistent, clump-free colour. The finishing touch of any perfect manicure is the protective, high-gloss top coat. A top coat helps to prolong your manicure and protect against chipping or staining. When done professionally, a manicure will last up to 6 weeks.

How long do manicures take?

The length of your manicure treatment depends entirely on whether you’ve chosen to have a classic manicure or gel manicure. At maximum, a classic manicure from a professional nail technician will take between 20-40 minutes depending on whether you’ve chosen a manicure with included extras like our mini hand massage. A gel manicure will take longer than a classic mani – around 35-45 minutes. This is because the nail gel formula is sturdier than normal nail polish, so your fingertips have to be placed under a special UV light to dry the gel polish to prevent smudging.

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